Monday, September 23, 2013

Sprint concept video shows what an always connected world could look like

With the innovations we’re seeing in most areas of technology these days it’s hard to not let our minds wander to what could be. While some are dreaming of innovations that could take us beyond our planet, there are others who are dreaming up the next idea that will make our lives closer to home a lot easier. The folks over at Sprint are no different. In a five minute video they demonstrate what an always connected world could look like. It includes kids from two different countries playing baseball together.  Adult’s could check in on their aging parents and get on their cases about their health if they so choose.

Of course the video demonstrates aspects of technology that aren’t created yet, but one’s that we here at TalkAndroid would love to see in action. That being said the amount of data that this family would go through would be astronomical. Luckily for them they’re on Sprint and probably have the Lifetime Unlimited Data plan.  We have the video for you after the break. Check it out and let us know if this is a world you’d be excited to see.

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