Thursday, May 16, 2013

Download Thor: Lord of Storms for Android

In-app purchases aren't the only issue we found with Thor: Lord of Storms. The interface is somewhat cluttered, forcing you to press a toggle button to switch between troop and magic selection. Doing this in the heat of a particularly tense battle is often easier said than done, and we dearly wish the developer had come up with a more elegant solution.

It may have a few flaws, but Thor: Lord of Storms still manages to dig its claws in fairly deep. This is partly down to the addictive nature of the gameplay, which offers short battles and has that "just one more go" appeal.

However, the game's excellent visual presentation also plays a part: the high-res 2D artwork is wonderful to behold, and looks just as good in motion. The voice acting is also of a high standard, and offers many moments of mirth.

However, there's no escaping the fact that extracting maximum enjoyment out of Thor: Lord of Storms is reliant on spending real cash on gems - the game is effectively unbalanced by IAPs. If you're not prepared to reach for your credit card, then there's a very real danger that the spark of interest will die out before you progress too far through the game's campaign.

Download Thor: Lord of Storms

Download Thor for Android

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